A Scary Pathway
Duane, Age 12, Kitimaat, BC

On my way home from school I took a new pathway since I always walked a long way. It took me half an hour to get home. Along the way home I noticed a scary house. The house was really, really scary. It had cobwebs and cracks in the window. It also had things crawling on the roof.

I decided to go closer. I looked into the mansion. There was something scary in the window.  It scared me, I tripped and I fell into a trap door. I ended up in the basement.

So now I was locked in a room. I had to find a key. I searched and searched. It took me a long time and when I found the key there were more doors in front of me but it was an illusion. Once I figured out that it was an elusion, I was locked in another room. The key was in a box. That box had more boxes.

When I had finally found it I was teleported upstairs. I tried to get downstairs, wishing I was outside in front of the house again.

Suddenly there was an explosion. As I opened my eyes I was outside. It was so cool then as I walked I hit the wall and was inside again the house.

Then the whole house had some how disappeared.  I tried to feel the wall but it was not there. But as I tried to go home I forgot about the trap hole then I fell down it again.

I started to wonder if it might have been my wish that made the house work. So I wished it back and when I opened my eyes the house was there! I had a hard time getting out of the house. As soon as I did I ran away.

The next day I took the same pathway. The house looked more and more scary. each day I took that pathway and it got scarier. I never will go into that house again.

The end ...............or is it?

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