Sarah's Stars

Tanya Lloyd Kyi. Crystal Connection
Whitecap   $8.95   ISBN 1-55285-511-2   175 pg.
Reviewed by Hayley

Sue, Nicole, and Gina are members of the Science Squad. They have an invitation to stay with Sue's Aunt Rose on Vancouver Island. Rose's deceased uncle, who was a smuggler and a practical joker, has named Rose in his will, and left her the property. The first page of the will is normal, but why are there two blank pages rolled up with it? Rose's "surfer dude" boyfriend, Tyler, seems to be trying to solve the mystery of the will before the three Science Squad members. Who will figure out the mystery first?

Crystal Connection, written by Tanya Lloyd Kyi, is a science/adventure soft-cover novel with 175 pages. Her sequel to Crystal Connection is called Summer Of Suspense. She has also written the Secret Seven Series, Canadian Girls Who Rocked the World, and more. Crystal Connection is based on a real organization called the Canadian Association for Girls In Science (CAGIS), however the Science Squad and the characters in this novel are fictitious. There are many scientific explanations and experiments throughout the book.

Personally, it wasn't my favourite book. I found the numerous science facts confusing, and after reading a couple of pages on the science of Force, it was hard to get back on track with the story. I prefer books with lots of descriptive writing, which this one was lacking. However, if you really like science, this may be the book for you!

The facts were interesting, and the mystery had me stumped. I gave this book 3 stars because if you're into Science, you'll probably enjoy it.


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