Football Dreamin'
Tom, Age 12, Chicago, IL

I will be the best middle linebacker of high school
around, no one will stop me on the field,
on the field and in stands, the crowd
will be cheering go Tom go and so will my mom.
No matter if we win or lose,
I'll know I did my best.

After my year in high school I was drafted by
A college called Notre Dame
this was my chance to reach fame.
I would be starting middle linebacker.
My mom was so proud.
That Notre Dame picked me
in two year more years I'll be in fame.

After college, what do you know
I was drafted, it was an
easy time tackling the guy with the ball,
maybe get the winning touch down
Maybe if we go to the Super Bowl
I'll go to the Pro Bowl.
That is my dream as a pro
I'll get there some day.

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