Kavita's Wedding
Lauren, Age 13, Ottawa, ON

Sari clad women whisper
eyes fixed on my sister
The in-laws' complaining has begun

They speak of sensible girls for sons
not Rebellious Bollywood* look-alikes

Kavita keeps dancing
Unaware of their whispers

Her rose red sari sways with her
The sari my mother wore at her wedding

My sister has no worries except
Maybe the thought of her blackened samosas

Whenever I try to teach her full Indian dinner
Everything burns.

Six years separate me from Kavita
Yet only I can cook chapatis

Sighing I adjust my sapphire sari
The colour matches my mood.

I already miss my sister
Kavita is gone.

Bombay is her groom Darshan’s home
Far from our small town near the mountains

“It’s not such a great distance, Ankita.”
Watching her samosas smolder in the oven.

Kavita promised me when she becomes a film star
She will come back and take me to Bollywood.

My sister will probably become a housewife
Serving her guests burnt food

Behind her blue-lensed eyes is relief
Kavita knows she is free.

The Aunties said Kavita would never be a bride
Too wild, too modern, too rebellious – too Bollywood

Bollywood stars, they said, belong in movies
Not in marigold weddings

Kavita has wanted to leave for so long
Her marriage is her ticket out.

Kavita is leaving
And nothing is going to stop her.

* The Indian film industry is called Bollywood in honor of Hollywood. The name is combination of Hollywood and Bombay.

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