Me and the NBA
Brian, Age 12, Chicago, IL

I am a kid, my name is Brian
I never did stop trying
To them I was just a boy who couldn't play
Obviously not fit for the NBA
I tried and tried but never succeeded
With NBA players I never competed
If they played me they would have owned the floor
My game to them was ever so poor
Then I started to get a lot more boards
My shooting percentage soared
I started to get hot so they passed off to me
But my momentum always started on D
Then one day a letter came
I knew I was on my way to fame
For once I would have a chance to play
And compete with the players in the NBA
I was on my way up and it was rough
But I knew I could do it cause I was tough
It wasn't skill that got me to the top
It was hustle, heart, and enthusiasm that'll never stop!

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