Sarah's Stars

Eric Walters. Northern Exposures
Harper Collins   $14.95   ISBN 0-00-648531-6   252 pg.
Reviewed by Hayley

Kevin Spreekmeester cannot believe that he has won the Mississauga News photograph contest. He is not a professional photographer; he just took some fluke pictures with a cheap camera. It was some sort of shutter malfunction. The judges think he possesses remarkable talent. To Kevin, it was just a good excuse to get out of school for the day. His prize is a new camera and a five-day trip to Churchill, Manitoba. It's his big chance to get away from his over-protective parents. What he doesn't expect is to lose his luggage, to be a part of the senior photography tour, to get chased by a huge polar bear, and to top it all off, to meet Loretta.

Northern Exposures, written by Eric Walters, has 252 pages of realistic fiction. It is suitable for intermediates and is a great read. Eric Walters has also written many other books. Some of the ones I have read and enjoyed include Rebound, The Bully Boys, Touching Spirit Bear, and Stranded. They are all five star books. Eric Walters has also won many awards including the Silver Birch, Blue Heron and more.

Eric Walters is one of my favourite authors. His amazing descriptions and cool story lines keep me reading! This is a "must read" book. It is, without doubt, a five star read.


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