Emily, Age 12, Chicago, IL

There once was a Thanksgiving preparation night,
Grandma and Auntie were in a fight, oh what a fright
Auntie said the renginas* were too small
Grandma exclaimed, "Ohh no, not at all!"

I waited patiently in the dining room
When what to my wondering eyes passed with a zoom!?
That rengina, that delicious rice ball
Flew by on its way down the hall.

One by one the balls how they flew
While Grandma kept yelling at Aunt Mary Lou!
As I turned around with a look of despair
That Italian delicacy landed right in my hair!

* An Italian delicacy, also called arancini. Rengina, the word that I used in my poem, is an informal word for arancini. Arancinis are a type of rice ball that has marinara sauce, Italian ham and cheese stuffed in the middle. The rice ball is then rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried. It is a specialty in Sicily and it is delicious! Some Italian restaurants have them on the menu in Chicago. I hope that you will be able to taste one someday!

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