Shopping at the Mall
Tess, Age 11, Chicago, IL

I'm in the shoe store at the mall
They had some cute shoes,
but the ones with high heels
stuck out most of all.
I'm not gonna buy them
because I'd probably fall,
Maybe I'll buy those pink gym shoes,
but 105 dollars, now that I can't do.
Besides, I have gym shoes that are nearly new.

Now I'm at the food court.
Some boy bumped into me,
he said "Sorry dude."
I said "Get away from me
I'm in no kind of mood."
I was hungry from shopping and wanted my food,
But now I have to apologize 'cause I was really rude.

Now I'm in a wonderful place,
I saw a red sweat suit,
It was really cute.
Oh my gosh, it's on sale
Plus I got a 25% off coupon in the mail.
Wow! What a deal!
I can hardly believe it is real.

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