The Crush
Amy, Age 11, Houston, BC

Anna was in Grade 6 and so was Chris. They both were in the same class. Their teacher was Miss Griffen.  Anna was athletic, and a straight A student. Chris was also athletic and did well in school. He also happened to be the most popular boy in class and all the girls liked him.

Anna was popular too and lots of boys liked her but most of them liked Kate and Carmen better. The two snobs who were as popular as they were stuck up. Chris though didn't like either. He saw through their prissy clothes and makeup. He liked Anna. She wasn't stuck up like them.

Anna also happened to have a crush on Chris, not for his popularity but for his funny, happy, understanding attitude.

Chris's best friend Jake was the only one who knew about his secret and was pressuring him to ask her to the spring fling dance.

"You better ask her before some other guy gets her." he kept saying.

"I know, I will. But what if she says no?" asked Chris.

"Then she says no and there's nothing else to it." Jake replied.

Anna's best friend, Shawna was the only soul who knew about Anna's crush and was telling her much the same thing.  Then one night both of them decided to ask each other to the dance.

"What harm can it do?" Anna thought to herself.

The next day, before school, Anna found Jake and Jake found Anna and this is how their conversation went.

"Hi Anna." said Jake nervously.

"Hi." Anna answered back.

"Do you..." Jake stuttered at the exact same moment Anna whispered "Would you..."

"What?" they both said at the same time looking at each other nervously.

"You first." Anna said.

"OK," Jake replied.

"Um... will you go to the spring Fling with me?" he said.

"YES!" Anna almost shouted "Of course, I was to ask you the same thing." she giggled.

And to the rage of Kate and Carmen, who thought they were way better than Anna and they deserved the most popular boy in the class.  They became a couple and later married which just goes to show how good things can happen when you say what you feel.

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