The Quilt
Luke, Age 16, Camden, OH

A long time ago an old woman was making a quilt. This was no ordinary quilt.  The quilt was a gift for the woman's daughter's unborn baby.  Soon the little baby girl was born.  Her mama would always have her wrapped in the quilt.  The quilt was always with her.  When she opened her eyes, the quilt was there.  When she took her first steps, the quilt was dragging not far behind.  Her first word was spoken while she clung to her quilt.

When the little girl went to her first day of kindergarten, the quilt was tucked neatly under her arm.  The quilt was with the little girl for many of her elementary days.  But as the years went on something happened. The little girl started leaving the quilt at home, in the bed.

Then one day the not so little girl decided she didn't need the quilt any more.  She took the quilt and neatly folded it and tucked it away.   For many years that is where the quilt stayed. Through her first prom the quilt was there, in the closet.  When the girl got her first car, the quilt stayed. Then many years later, the girl who had moved out many years ago, came back to get her quilt. The quilt was so happy.  It was finally back where it belonged. When they got home the quilt was surprised to see it no longer belonged to the girl.  The girl unwrapped the quilt and put it around her baby girl.

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