The Story of a Girl
Megan, Age 11, Farmington, CT

This is the story of a girl who was mature for her age. She shopped in the make-up department instead of the toys, and she was only eleven. She preferred MTV instead of Nickelodeon. And she would rather wear a teen outfit than something everyone else wore.

Sometimes the girl would lie in bed and wish she could start her life over again. There were tons of things she would do differently. She didn't know where to begin. Sometimes she would look in the mirror and not see herself, but see someone else. Then she would look away, and when she looked back, she saw herself. She had no desire to be anyone but herself.

And she has dreams, that she can achieve. Mark my words, she will. She knows no one will stop her, and they can't.

This is the story of a real girl. I know her.

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