Tom the Turkey
Emily, Age 11, Fayetteville, NC

Tom the Turkey ran away,
just before Thanksgiving day.
He is nowhere to be found,
but left some footprints on the ground.
We followed them til they disappeared,
He'd really left we feared.
Now we have no turkey to eat,
He ran away but he had no feet,
He had no eyes, he had no wings,
He had none of the important things
Then we all realized
Tom the turkey wasn't alive.
we couldn't find him here or there,
We couldn't find him anywhere.
We looked in the Kitchen,
We looked in the rooms,
We looked in the closet with brooms.
then we heard the oven bell
and we all said Oh well
So I opened the oven door wide,
you couldn't guess who was inside!
Tom the Turkey was quite a beast
We had him for Thanksgiving feast.

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