Hiliary, Age 15, Omaha, NB

Why does the sun always shine?
Why can't you just be mine?
Why do people have to die?
Why do people need to lie?
Why must things always go wrong?
Why can't life be happy and long?
Why can't people be honest and true?
Why did I have to fall for you?
Why must my days be so quiet?
Why must people rise up and riot?
Why are things turned upside down?
Why don't we smile when things come 'round?
Why is the sky always blue?
Why is there never something else to do?
Why can't I find some sort of link?
Why do I always have things to think?
Why did I make that fatal mistake?
Why did you make my heart ache?
Why did you never come back for me?
Why, oh why, did you never see?

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