Dolphin Sized Trouble
Daniel, Age 11, Thornhill, ON

Joe, Mathew and Greg were fishing when Mathew’s rod flew into the water because of the dolphin. The three of them thought that it was the wind, and then Joe’s rod started to pull very hard.

“I think I caught a big one!” said Joe. Then it started to pull even harder and harder and soon the fish was moving the boat. Then a dolphin jumped out of the water. The dolphin was blue with a bit dark blue on his tail. It had brown eyes and a scar on its tail.

“What! What’s a dolphin doing here in this river?” yelled Joe.

“Don’t know, but I know it has a big scar on him!” screamed Greg. Mathew was so frightened that he fainted because they were in a river near Toronto and there are no dolphins in Toronto. Joe was frightened just a bit. He let go of the rod and started the engine then drove the motor boat back to shore.

The next year was August 14, 2003. In the fall Joe, Mathew and Greg went fishing in the same river on a blue and wooden boat. The boat was a canoe. Inside the boat was a first aid kit and three life jackets.

Joe had blond hair and blue eyes. He was fourteen years old. He was nice to his friends but mean to everyone else. Joe was very brave, he was not afraid of anything or anyone. Joe had two friends, Greg and Mathew. Greg was fourteen years old. He was nice to everyone. Greg was afraid of heights but other than that he was brave. Mathew was also fourteen years old. He had brown hair and black eyes. He was very nice to everyone but he was a scaredy-cat.

“Let’s go home,” complained Mathew. “We’ve been here for half an hour, that’s enough.”

“Let’s just stay here for another half an hour,” said Joe, because he wanted to catch more fish than Greg. Joe had caught four fish, Greg had caught five and Mathew had caught two fish.

“Oh fine,” agreed Mathew. So they were fishing silently when all of a sudden there was a huge storm with lightening and thunder, then a whirlpool appeared and the whirlpool had a huge hole that was sucking everything in to it. It was blue and it was twirling in circles.

“What’s going on?” screamed Mathew.

“It’s a whirlpool!” yelled Greg.

There were huge waves. The waves were pushing the boat towards the cliff. Then Joe had an idea; he saw a big, huge grey rock. It was right beside them. He grabbed it and he was holding the boat by the rock. While he was holding the boat by the rock he saw that there was land near by.

“Hey guys, while I’m holding on to the rock go to the side where there’s land!” yelled Joe.

“I’m too scared,” whined Mathew.

“So am I,” screamed Greg.

“But you’ll be safe with life jackets because you can’t drown,” explained Joe.

“Well O.k. I’ll trust you on this Joe,” Greg screamed.

“I’m coming too,” said Mathew. They put on their lifejackets and jumped out of the boat into the water and started swimming. As soon as they got to shore, Joe was about to let go of the boat but he saw the same dolphin that they had seen last year; he knew because of the scar. Joe, who was very smart, found out how the whirlpool started.

“The dolphin scared away all the fish and they started swimming in circles really, really fast,” he thought to himself. Joe felt sorry for the dolphin that he was going to fall off the cliff. So Joe had an idea. Joe let go of the boat and jumped off. He pushed the boat right beside the dolphin. The dolphin was very smart. It flipped the boat over and used it as a surfing board and went down the cliff, but it didn’t get hurt because he was a great surfer. Joe did not need a life jacket because he was level twelve in swimming. He swam to Greg and Mathew.

On shore they saw a big white ship in the river. All of them waved to it and it came closer. It turned out to be Mathew’s dad who borrowed the ship from someone to go looking for Mathew. They sailed back and never went in that river again.


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