Floating Dancer
Natasha, Age 14, San Diego, CA

A lotus blossom lies upon a lily pad, floating silently. The mist of the morning gently uncurls and veils the flower, a golden curtain of dew. She floats, meditating, letting the cool water bathe her tender petals, as the morning begins.

The pond begins to come to life, as frogs hum and dragonflies flit to and fro, creating a pulsing rhythm of sound. Grasshoppers play a soft, haunting melody, as a single beam of light falls upon the floating ballerina and the curtain rises.

Her petals unfurl—a white rustle of color—surrounding her fragile body. The water ripples and the thrum of music urges her to dance. She twirls, and sways, as the sunlight bounces around her, flashes of light accenting her serene ballet.

Does the lotus know that her elegant dance is one of the rare jewels of nature and her trim, attractive lines a beautiful finale to her smooth body?  She does not. Modest and humble she dances on, her sylph-like movements matching the water beneath her. The water undulates, as suddenly her dance becomes exotic, her petals quivering with the passion of dance.

Her body still twirling she takes a final bow, her petals pink with happiness, as the sun comes out of hiding in a burst of light, and she basks in the glory of her exquisite performance.


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