Jacob, Age 13, Mauldin, SC

Beating a ball to a wall with a stick
trying to perfect his home run trick
A poor little boy with dreams of big time
in a cruel white world that calls him "nigger" and slime.

Not too much later, the boy is a man
with his eye on the ball, and his feet in the sand
The stick is a bat, the wall is a crowd
His glaring is calm, his mind is a shroud

They still called him "nigger", they still gave him gall
and all just because he was hitting the ball
But he ignored the threats, he ignored all their shame
He just kept his eye on the ball, and his mind on the game

The record is close, only one more to go
The home runs are tied, almost end of the show
The pitcher winds up and lets the ball fly
The batter steps up and gives a hard try

With a swing and a "KRAK!", he hits the ball high
It's higher than us, it's touching the sky!
It moves toward the crowd with unbearable speed
As swift as an eagle, as strong as a steed.

The crowd lets a roar of anger and glee,
the level of noise is of the highest degree
The record was set, by a man like a tank
But the record was broken, by "Hammerin'" Hank.

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