Sally the Salmon
Amy, Age 9, North Vancouver, BC

Once upon a time there was a salmon named Sally. She had hatched from an egg and grew, grew and grew. She turned into a beautiful young salmon. One day she realized she had to go to the ocean to get married. So, she packed and left the  river where she had lived. “La La La La La,” sang Sally. Suddenly an eagle flew and  grabbed her! The eagle flew up, up and up. Sally was being pulled up.

“Helppp! Somebody help me!” screamed Sally.

Sally heard a little voice below.

“Hey! Get your claws off that salmon!” shouted a little stranger. The eagle suddenly slowed down.

After a few hours Sally found herself in the middle of the ocean. A salmon  was staring at her and she said, “Are you O.K.?”

“Huh? What happened?” asked Sally.

“When I yelled at the eagle, the eagle dropped you and you fainted!”

“Oh, really!”


“Thanks! Well, what’s your name?”

“My name is Lisa! What’s your name?”

“My name is Sally; you can call me Sall!”

“Lisa?” asked Sally.

“Ya?” replied Lisa.

“Look at those two boys over there!”

 “Want to go and talk to them? asked Lisa.

“Sure!” said Sally.

They finally swam over to the boys.

“Hi!” said Sally and Lisa together.

One of the boys said, “Hi!”

The other boy said, “My name is Harry and this is my brother Cody.”

“Well, do you want to eat dinner with us?” asked Sally.

“Of course!” said Cody, who was light green.

“Let’s eat at Krusty Krabs today! " said Harry, who was dark green.

They all ate, then Cody asked Sally if she wanted to dance and Harry asked Lisa if she wanted to dance and Sally and Lisa said, “Yes!” They all started the Cha Cha and ended up dancing slowly and romantically. Suddenly Cody and Harry asked the girls, “ Will you marry me?”

“Yes.” said Sally and Lisa.

They had their marriage the day after.

“It’s so hard going to the river because the water is flowing the opposite way!” claimed Sally.

“Yeah! My scales are already falling off!” replied Cody.

“I wonder how long it would take to get to the river.”  asked Lisa.

“A really long time!” answered Harry.

Suddenly a bear grabbed and pulled her out of the river! Sally couldn’t hear Lisa very well; however, Lisa cried, “Get out of here and don’t try to save me!”

Sally tried to swim quickly over where Lisa was but Cody stopped Sally.

“Stop! You’ll get captured as well.

“No! I have to save her!” said Sally with her eyes full of tears.

“Where’s Harry?!” screamed Sally.

“I don’t know!” yelled Cody.

“I think he went to get Lisa! Oh, No!”

“We can’t do anything to help Harry. Let’s just go” said Cody.


Sally was now crying more than ever! Cody grabbed Sally and swam away.

After a while Sally and Cody were almost falling apart! When Sally and Cody finally found the perfect spot in the river to lay their eggs, Cody said, “Nice meeting you…..”

Then Sally laid the eggs and then they both died. However before they died, Sally wrote “Lisa” on a piece of seaweed.

From that day on, one of their daughters who never saw her parents, was named “Lisa.”

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