Sarah's Stars

Mary Hoffman. Stravaganza: City of Masks
Bloomsbury  $12.99   ISBN 0-7475-6219-9  345 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

When Lucien gets sick, the treatments only seem to make him worse. Ever since he first got cancer he has been tired, too tired to do anything at all. Something as simple as drinking a cup of tea is like climbing Mount Everest for him now. It is like having custard for blood. To make matters worse his gorgeous, dark curls have all fallen out. Life is awful. That is until one day when his dad finds him a book, a very special book. Now he has the ability to travel to another world in his previously healthy body. It turns into the thing that sustains him, and eradicates him too.

After having read City of Masks, I immediately wanted to read its sequel. It was such a touching story and I was instantly enthralled. I loved the way Mary Hoffman combined a wonderful fantasy and the harsh realities of life, to form an excellent novel. The main character's life was very vivid and heart breaking, too. I think that this novel deserves a five star rating.


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