The Cow and Her Friends
Alyssa, Age 8, Vancouver, BC

One rainy day, Betsy the Cow, Paulie the Sparrow, Harry the Horse, and  Sarah the Snake went to see "The Lord of the Wings" at the moo-vvvvv-ie th-eeea-ter.  Betsy ordered herself 5 giant chocolate bars, 2 grande pops and 3 large popcorns. By the middle of the moo-vvvvv-ie, Betsy had eaten it all up and went back for more. Her  friends said not to eat so much but she didn't listen and she ate so much that her vest buttons popped off.

The next day she complained to her friends about her tummy ache. "Well," said Harry, "too much of a good thing isn't always good." And that's how Betsy learned  her lesson.

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