Where Angels Dwell
Erika, Age 13, Palmyra, NY

I walk outside
into the morning mist.
From underneath the
oak tree,
I glance up at the
adventurous sky.
I wonder what form
of feeling it will
send me today.
The beautiful Northern Lights,
an exciting sunrise leading
to a romantic sunset,
or gloomy gray clouds
bringing a terrifying storm?
Maybe it will send me a
joyful blue horizon.
Will it send the
forbidding night early,
or keep the clueless day longer?
I come out from under
the oak tree's protective
and strong branches.
When I do
I see a warm and comforting
beam of glorious sunlight shine
upon me...
with the rest of
the world waiting,
waiting for the turn of time.
I look up again and I see
Where Angels dwell.

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