A Scratch
Alyssah, Age 7, Westbank, BC

Dedicated to My Teachers who taught me how to be an author.

Once upon a late afternoon in the canopy, Hop-a-Lot the bunny was hopping towards Mr. J Scratch. "Would you like to play?" But he did not.

She went to Mrs. Butterfly to see if she would like to play. Mrs. Butterfly answered, "I would love to but I have work to be done today." And with a kiss she was off.

She went back a few hops and she was right back to Mr. J Scratch's place. "I wonder if he will play with me now," thought Hop-a-Lot to herself. She hopped over to him. Mr. J Scratch was off his hammock so Hop-a-Lot could play with him now. She asked.

"NO!!!!" he yelled, carelessly throwing his paw in the air and accidentally scratching Hop-a-Lot. Before anyone could say anything Hop-a-Lot hopped off while thinking "That was on purpose."

The next day Mr. J Scratch came to Hop-a-Lot's house. Her mother answered the door. "Hop-a-Lot is in her room," said her mother. So Mr. J. Scratch went in.

He said " I'm sorry was an accident." " I did not know," said Hop-a-Lot.

So they said "Sorry." And they lived happily every after.

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