Alisha and Snowy's Trip
Alyssa, Age 9, Vernon, BC

About the Author:

My Name is Alyssa. I am 9 years old and I go to Elementary School in Vernon. This is the first story I've published. I love to write books and draw and I love to craft. I am in Grade 4. I have a brother named Chad, he is 7. I also have a Mom and a Dad.

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Once upon a time, a snow girl named Alisha lived at home with her Mom and Dad and a dog named Snowy.

One day Alisha was in the park with her puppy Snowy. Suddenly Alisha spotted a gold, shiny key!! Alisha and Snowy walked up to the key and they saw a green, dusty door!! Then they opened the door and walked inside. There, in front of them was the Arctic as well as a white fierce WOLF!! Snowy bit the wolf on the leg, she gave him a frost bite! Then Alisha and Snowy ran past the white fierce wolf that was yelping.

A while later they ran into a big black hungry BEAR!!! Alisha picked up a big thick strong stick and bonked the bear on the head and Snowy bit the bear on the TAIL!! Alisha ran into the dark and creepy woods. Snowy started to whine of hunger. Alisha said "I'm hungry, too, Snowy." She looked for some food. Soon they noticed they were LOST!!

Alisha started to call for help. Snowy started to howl. A snow leopard named Chilly heard them and came running to help. Chilly asked them to get onto her back. So Alisha and Snowy did. Chilly brought them to her den where two snow leopard cubs were playing together happily. When they saw Alisha and Snowy they waddled toward them and started to play with them. 

Then Chilly went to an old cabin where a hunter had just moved in a week ago. Chilly checked if the hunter was home or not. The hunter had gone to check his traps. So Chilly pushed the creaking door open and took some clear, cold ice cubes, some freezies and some milk. Chilly heard the hunter coming back so she RUSHED out the creaking door and back to her den. Alisha took some clear cold ice cubes and two freezies and a bottle of milk to share with Snowy. The snow leopard called her babies to follow behind and Alisha and Snowy got on her back.

On the way to the green dusty door Chilly said "would you like a baby snow leopard to keep?" Alisha said "yes, I'll take the small one." Alisha picked it up and hugged Chilly as a Thank You. Snowy licked Chilly as a Thank You. The baby snow leopard whined as a Good-bye to Chilly.

Alisha opened the green dusty door. Snowy and Alisha with the baby snow leopard in her arms walked out the door. Alisha saw her friend Ashley and ran toward her to show her the baby snow leopard which she was going to call Lucky. After that she rushed home to tell her mom about the Arctic, but her Mom wouldn't believe her. Until she saw Lucky....

The End

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