Fantasy Land
Samantha, Age 9, Coldstream, BC

Alice sat on the Main Street bench with Quetop thinking about all the new friends they had made that day.

That same morning Alice had taken her baby sister Quetop for a walk in the hot sun of June. Alice and Quetop look almost alike because they both have blonde hair and grey eyes.

Quetop has a yellow and red bow in her hair, which sparkles in the sun light. She is wearing a blue dress with pink polkadots all over it, and she also has little white sneakers on her tiny feet. Alice has a yellow scrunchy in her rippling blonde hair to make a pony tail. She is wearing a pink tank top with blue flowered jean shorts and a purple blue sandals. Their mother always likes to dress them similarly.

As Alice was walking Quetop she tripped unexpectedly and fell through a great big hole with the stroller and all. Down, down, down, deep into the ground they fell. Then they hit the ground with a thump! Alice looked around lots of animals were walking and talking just like in a dream.

"Wow, this place is cool! Let's look around Quetop;" said Alice.

Just as Alice was getting up from the ground a quiet little bear came up to Alice and Quetop and said: "Hi I'm Beebop, what's your name?"

"My name is Alice and this is my little sister Quetop."

"Well, hi there! I'll show you around and introduce you to my friends!" said Beebop.

Beebop was a jazzy kind of bear, that was filled with love. He wore a propeller hat on his head that sang when the wind spun the propeller round and round. He was wearing a blue striped t-shirt and green shorts. So on they went looking around the town. "Here is the swimming pool," said Beebop.

Up came a frog in a bathing suit and he said: "Hey Beebop, I see ya brought some new friends to the pool today."

"Yeah, Newton. This is Alice and her baby sister Quetop."

"Well how'd ya do. I'm Newton, and I would like to introduce my sister Lily."

Lily had a red bow in her hair. She was wearing a blue and pink bikini and yellow sandals. Newton was wearing a green bathing suit and blue sandals.

"Hi Lily and Newton. Nice to meet you;" said Alice.

"Next stop - candy shop!" said Beebop.

"Cool, a candy shop. I like candy!" said Alice. So off they went to the candy shop. Inside there were lolly pops, licorice sticks, sour candies and more.

"Hello Beebop" smiled a small bear.

"Hi Sis. What are you doing?"

"Getting a licorice stick for me and Sandy."

"Oh. Well, Alice this is my sister Bazzle and her friend Sandy." 

Bazzle was a calm and quiet bear. She was a shy and dainty black bear. Sandy was a funky kind of giraffe. Sandy likes to dance, sing, play and mostly have fun.

"Okay, let's go meet Grover at his house;" said Beebop.

"Who's Grover?" asked Alice.

"He's my friend;" said Beebop.

"Oh, I see" replied Alice.

All of a sudden when they got to Grover's house a great big storm came. It started to rain really hard. The wind was very strong so they could not get home. They found a small broken down shed to stay in; then they grabbed some leaves and made a bed from them. On went the storm through the night. Bang, crash went the thunder, as the lightning flashed and lit up the sky. Then, in the middle of the night a terrible shrieking sound came from the direction of Grover's house.

In the morning Grover's parents came outside to wake the group: Beebop, Alice, Quetop, Newton, Lily, Sandy and Bazzle. They told them horrible news. Grover had been taken in the night and was now missing.

"Grover's missing and the person who took him left a dragon tooth;" explained Grover's mother.

"Oh no, Baba Yoga!" said everyone.

"Then we'll have to go to the Dark Forest of Dome and save Grover" announced Beebop.

"All right then let's go" Newton agreed in a great big voice.

When they got to the Dark Forest, Baba Yoga was standing there looking at them. It was silent for a moment. Then Baba Yoga spoke. "I'll give you two missions. If you complete them I'll give you your friend back."

"Okay, what's first?" asked Lily.

"You have to go to get a feather from the Magic Peacock."

"That sounds easy. Let's go" said Bazzle. 

After a short trip the group located the peacock. "There he is. Now we'll have to go get that feather. Get him!"

"Skwake....." said the peacock as they pulled the feather from his back end.

They marched back to Baba Yoga with the feather. "Here is the feather."

"Okay, now go get a poison Ivy leaf. Then I'll give you your friend Grover back."

"Here we go gang. Let's get moving!" said Sandy.

"I know where to find one, right by the pond next to the peacock" said Beebop. 

When they got there they found the plant right where Beebop had said. They got the poison Ivy leaf and took it to Baba Yoga.

"Well done, both missions completed. Here is your friend Grover, now go and do not come back;" grumbled Baba Yoga.

When everyone got back with Grover they all were very happy to be home; except for Alice and Quetop. Now it was time for them to go home, too. Beebop and the others took them to see the Magic Wizard. When they got there he was very happy to help and sent them home in a dream. When Alice and Quetop woke up they were sitting on the Main Street bench back in their home town.

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