Karla Anderson's Runaway Adventure
Natalie, Age 9, Lavington, BC

Once upon a time there was a girl named Karla. Now Karla was very clumsy and every time she had to carry something important to someone's house, she would end up dropping it.

One day Karla's mom asked her to take some genuine, glass plates to her next door neighbors' house. "If you drop them, Karla Anderson, you will give me all your allowance for a month! ", said her mom."I paid alot of money and I'm not going to let my 9 year old daughter accidentally drop the plates without paying for them. That's the way it's going to be from now on, Karla Anderson!"

Everyone was counting on her. So off she went to her next door neighbors. As she was walking, she tripped over a rock and down she tumbled with the plates coming after her! " Oh man", said Karla and she started walking home.


"Yes," said Karla sadly.

"Gosh, sometimes I wish you weren't here, Karla Anderson!" yelled her mom. Karla thought, "It would be perfect if I ran away. It would make me happy and it would make mom happy". That night Karla snuck out of the house and ran away from home.

The next day as Karla was walking and looking for a place to live she spotted a fox. "I could ask her!" exclaimed Karla. So she went up to the fox and said: "Excuse me, I'm looking for a place to stay because I ran away from home and I'm wondering if you know of a place I could go to live."

"I know just the place," answered the fox.

"Where is this place?" questioned Karla.

"Why at my house of course, you can stay at my house for five days but you will have to pay me back somehow." 

"How?" asked Karla. 

"You can watch my kit when I'm out hunting for dinner." 

"Deal," answered Karla.

For the next few hours Karla waited for the fox to return with dinner. When the fox returned she had a dead rabbit in her mouth. "I don't eat raw meat," complained Karla, finding out that was a very rude thing to say.

"Well, it's either this or you're not getting anything," said the fox.

Karla didn't eat that night or the other three nights either and when she left she was very grateful.

Next she came upon a rabbit that lived by a swamp, but she found that it ate carrots with dirt on them. Then she came upon a black bear, but she found out it ate raw meat, too.

She decided to go live with her wild friend Tamany. So she set off for her hut. When she got there she found Tamany sitting on her deer skin rug. "Hello Tamany, remember me?" asked Karla. 

"Why are you here?" asked Tamany.

"Well you see, my mom told me to take some genuine, glass plates to my next door neighbors and I..."

"...dropped them," Tamany finished for her. 

"Anyway, my mom said that sometimes she wished I wasn't here so I figured that I should run away."

"You know, Karla," Tamany said, "sometimes parents say something that they don't really mean. I ran away because my mom said I couldn't get my deer skin coat dirty and I got it dirty and my mom said the same thing your mom said."

"Then what happened?" asked Karla. 

"I suddenly realised that I shouldn't have taken that seriously, my mom said that even if she said something like that, it didn't mean she didn't love me."

"So you're saying that I should go home and tell my mom I'm sorry that I ran away?" asked Karla. 

"Yep," said Tamany.

The next day Karla went home. It was hard walking in the forest with the Tennessee heat on her back. When Karla finally got home her mom ran up to her and gave her a big hug and kiss.

"What ever made you run away, Karla?" she asked. 

"You said that sometimes you wished that I wasn't here," Karla explained. 

"Oh Karla, just because I said that doesn't mean that I don't love you."

After that Karla told of her adventure and she promised that she would never run away again.

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