Ben, Age 15, Kelowna, BC

Joe lazily picks himself up off the ground. He slowly surveys his surroundings but only sees darkness. He cannot remember much. How he got there, what he was doing before he arrived is just not receiving in his brain.

He finally decides to try and feel his way out of this place. Just as he starts moving around, the room fills with light.

Joe is blinded! He can't see three feet in front of him. How will he manage to find his way out of the room now? In the distance Joe can hear a voice but it's muffled and he can't make out the words. He needs to get out. But how can he do this? Joe thinks about the situation and finally decides to make a run for it. He smashes through the wall of the room and Joe is consumed in darkness once again.

When Joe recovers completely from the light he finds himself in a long corridor with a door at the distant end. He runs to make it to the door as quickly as possible but the door doesn't seem to get any closer. Joe finally gives up and crouches on the ground to catch his breath.

Joe gets back up to try and get to the door and it's right in front of him. He immediately guesses he's dreaming so he repeatedly pinches and slaps himself but nothing happens. Since there is no other way out, Joe walks through the door.

The next thing he knows, Joe finds himself in an alley. It's very dark and it seems like there's no one around. He walks up to the street but sees no cars and no street lights. All of a sudden a car pulls up and Joe hears a voice, "Get in."

Joe slips into the back seat. He looks ahead of him at the driver but he is surrounded with darkness.

"Where are we going?" says Joe, but gets no answer from the driver.

"Did you hear me?" asks Joe, again receiving no answer.

"Answer me!" Joe demands. Still the driver doesn't respond.

Joe peers into the rear view mirror but all he sees is a pair of eyes. After what seems like about 5 hours of driving the car comes to a halt. The driver finally turns around to stare at Joe.

"I believe this is your stop," he says, in a rather disturbing voice.

Joe looks straight at the driver. He is looking at himself. Joe was the driver. The driver was Joe. He rushes out of the car as it speeds away.

In front of Joe was a very tall building with no windows and only one door. He enters and is in the lobby. He looks over towards the elevator and sees a sign reading "Out of Order". Joe immediately spies the stairs at the corner of his eye and takes them. He soon figures out that the entire building is just one giant maze seemingly without an exit. Joe frantically tries to find his way out. He then enters a rather large room with a sort of bright ball of light at the other end. As Joe walked towards it he started hearing the muffled voice again so Joe starts to run, sprint, and finally jumps into the light.

When Joe wakes he can just barely open his eyes. He can see about 4 figures around him.

"Joseph Bradley," says the doctor, "Welcome back...You have just woken up from an eight month coma."

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