The Alien Invasion
Jody, Age 9, Lavington, BC

Once upon a time there were three little pigs named Pigtales Pig, Paggy Pig and Peater Pig. They lived in a house named The House of Squeals. The House of Squeals was a small wooden house and stood between two big apartment buildings. 

It was almost 8:00 p.m., which was the Pigs' bedtime. First they had to, they just HAD TO, have a bedtime snack, which was always the same thing: cookies and milk. The Pigs, like always, went to brush their teeth. Pigtales was the smallest so she brushed her teeth last. 

When Pigtales was finished brushing her teeth, the Pigs were sleepy so they fell asleep right away. Pigtales fell asleep last. ZOOOOM! "What was that?" shouted Pigtales as she jumped out of bed. 

"It was just your imagination" explained Paggy and Peater who were still half asleep. 

ZOOOOM! Pigtales heard it again. "Peater, Paggy, I heard it again, come see!" yelled Pigtales. 

"Alright Pigtales, we will go outside and show you that nothing is there". They got their boots and house coats and went outside with a flash light, looking around. Nothing was there. "See Pigtales, nothing is here at all" assured Paggy. 


"Yes, something is here, look behind you!" gasped Pigtales. 

Right behind them stood a BIG GREEN ALIEN!

"Run!" yelled Pigtales, Peater and Paggy all at the same time. 

"You can run but you can't hide!" grumbled the big green alien. "No one can hide from Ooms the alien boss, or my asistants Wiggle and Wobble" yelled King Ooms. 

The Pigs ran as fast as they could but it was no use. The aliens grabbed the Pigs and threatened them that if they did not come with them, they would never see each other again. The Pigs had no choice because Pigtales was too young to be by herself. So the aliens took them away in their space ship. 

"What do you want with us?" asked Pigtales.

"We want you to be our servants" explained Wiggle, Wobble and their boss King Ooms. 

"We will never be your servants. You will see, we will get away from you" moaned Peater.

"Oh no you won't. We are going to tie you up with a BIG rope. You will never get away from it. Now here we are at Planet Ooms" yelled Wiggle "where you will meet all the aliens! We have 900 different kinds of aliens". 

"Where are you going to take us?" asked Pigtales. 

"We are taking you to the Alien Castle" responded Ooms. Wiggle and Wobble took Pigtales, Paggy and Peater inside the Alien Castle. 

Meanwhile back at the Pigs' house, in their front yard, Prince Pigshier the Prince of Pigland was looking for the Pigs. The Pigs were nowhere to be seen. Then Prince Pigshier spied pig footprints and alien footprints. He knew they were alien footprints because they had 3 toes. 

Prince Pigshier saw some pieces of an Ooms space ship. Prince Pigshier saw the name "Planet Ooms". Prince Pigshier had an idea. He would go to Planet Ooms in his Dad's space ship. So he hopped up into his space ship then turned on the space ship and flew up to space.

It did not take too long to get to Planet Ooms at all actually. When Prince Pigshier got to Planet Ooms he had to be really sneaky because there were two guards named Sleepy and Snoozy. You can probably guess why. Prince Pigshier went down on his hands and knees and sneaked in between the guards and started to run to the castle and opened the creaking door. He managed to get in safe. 

Then he tiptoed up to the very top of the castle and looked around until he finally saw the Pigs. 

"How did you find us?" yelled Pigtales. 

"Shhh!! The aliens might find us!" whispered Prince Pigshier. "How do I get you guys out?" he wondered.

"Well do you see that key hanging up on the wall?" asked Paggy. 

"Yes I see it" answered the prince. 

"Get it off the wall and bring it over to the cage and unlock it" explained the Pigs. 

And that is just what Prince Pigshier did. He got the Pigs out of the castle and there stood King Ooms right in front of them. 

"Run!" yelled Peater.

They got into Prince Pigshier's space ship and flew back to Earth. When they got to the Pigs' house, Pigtales asked Prince Pigshier if there was anything they could do for him. 

"No" responded Prince Pigshier. "But there is one thing I am going to do for you" he added.

"What is it?" questioned Pigtales. Then, right before their eyes, the prince turned the Pigs' House of Squeals into a castle with a BIG mud puddle pool in the backyard. They all lived happily ever after.

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