The Leprechaun
Liam, Age 8, Armstrong, BC

One day in Ireland, a leprechaun was sitting on a rock by a brook. The brook was a magical brook! The brook was alive! The end of the rainbow was also there. All the gold belonged to the leprechaun. The brook was 10,000 years old.

At the brook the leprechaun was asleep. A robber came. The brook tried to scare it away, but it didn't work. The next morning, the brook told the leprechaun what had happened.

The leprechaun said to the brook, "How many bags did he steal?" The brook answered, "Ten!"

"WHAT!?" screamed the leprechaun. "We have to get the robbers!"

The brook said, "THERE HE IS!!! CATCH HIM!!! We got him! Whew!... That was a good work-out. Now where's the gold?"

"Th-th-the g-g-gold!?"

"I lost it!" the robber said. "Wait! Ha Ha! You fell for it! I hid it in an old cottage."

The leprechaun said, "To the cottage! To the cottage!"

"We found it!"

The brook said, "I'm glad!"

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