The Lost Puppy
Megan, Age 8, Vernon, BC

There once lived a little puppy named Ralf. His owner’s name was Vicky Hubert. Vicky was a sweet, happy, fun, kind girl. She had a smiley face and springy gold blond hair. She was wearing a blazing, fiery red T-shirt with faded blue jeans, snowy white socks, and a blue jays baseball cap. Ralf loved her dearly and Vicky loved him dearly, too.

One day while sleeping in the shade of the willow tree, Ralf awoke to a familiar voice………………… IT WAS VICKY!!!!!! She had come home from Hawaii with her cousin. Ralf sprung to his feet. Then yelping with joy ran to Vicky and licked her hands and jumped up and licked her face.

Vicky handed Ralf a bouncy large ball! Ralf barked with joy and ran around in circles kicking it and boy was it fun!!! Then Vicky ran in the house to unpack her things. Ralf was not allowed to go in the house so he just kicked the ball and pounced on it. Just then when Ralf had kicked the ball Vicky screamed it was a mouse she had seen. Then there was silence and Ralf felt better. Quickly turning around Ralf saw the ball bounce through the bushes. Ralf quickly dashed toward the bushes at full speed and boosted right through them, running as fast as his little legs could go.

He zipped over the bridge and up the hill, then leaped over the fence just as the ball disappeared out of sight. Ralf was sure he saw it race towards the forest. He was about to run to the forest when he collapsed to the ground from tiredness. Laying in the shade of eggplants made him feel like in the shade under the large willow tree but when he awoke he was in the strange garden. Ralf had a worried look in his eyes. He looked around hoping to find a way home, but it all looked the same.

Ralf walked every direction but always came back to the same muddy dog prints. Suddenly Ralf saw the eggplants moving. Quickly he dashed away to the North of the thing that was coming. Ralf scurried across the ground. Finally he came out from the eggplants and Ralf ran slower and slower.

Suddenly, after running for a long time, Ralf heard a whirring sound. Then a CLASH BANG CLASH BASH - the same sounds over and over again!!! It sounded like a waterfall!!! Ralf knew there was a waterfall near his house where he and Vicky would play catch, tag, and tug-a-war!!! 'I must be close' he thought, resting down on cool, pale green grass.

Ralf didn’t sleep long. He was very lonesome and thirsty and if he found the waterfall he could drink and go home to Vicky!! The sound came from the forest. Ralf ran quickly through the dark, gloomy forest because it freaked him out. No light came from the sky, only darkness. He walked for a long time until he finally saw light!!! He ran fast when like a cave of light he sped onto a smooth rock. Blinking from the sunshine in his face Ralf suddenly was slipping down the rock. He looked below him and saw the water from the waterfall! He saw a tree branch made into a loop. Reaching for dear life he pulled himself up on a stone step. Up ahead more stone steps led to the waterfall. A log was on the top of the waterfall, making a safe place to cross.

Ralf ran up the stone steps to the top and then began to cross the log. He heard a crying sound that sounded familiar. It was Vicky!!! He looked down and saw Vicky on the small bridge. While Ralf was looking, the log rolled and Ralf slid off it and fell over the waterfall. Ralf hit the water with a SPLASH!!!

Ralf sped down the river when Vicky saw him and, reaching down as he came to the bridge, picked him up and ran fast down the bridge and into the house. “ Mom, Dad, I found him!” cried Vicky, bringing Ralf inside and feeding him and giving him water and a bed.

And from that day on Ralf was allowed in the house whenever he wanted and Vicky never got him a ball again.

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