Car Crash
Mikey, Age 9, Lodi, WI

The car swerved and fishtailed on a cold December night. The roads were chilled and icy.  My mom and I were driving home from her work.  Suddenly a truck swerved and hit the car, forcing us off the road, almost smashing the car into an enormous tree. Instead, it wedged in between two trees, blocking the doors, our only way out.  My mom had her cell phone and called the police. Ring, Ring, no answer.   She tried again, ring, ring, still no answer.  My mom tried to call my dad and the battery died.

We sat there for hours listening to the wind and ice pelting against our car. By then it was 11:00 p.m. and we were on the back roads so nobody would sight us till morning.  I was so scared.  And trapped.

Then I saw a light, a bright light on the road.  It couldn't be but it was, a car!   I pounded my fists against the window.  The car slowed. My dad opened the car door, and then quickly closed it.  He drove into town as as fast as he could and got a tow truck and pulled us out.

"Dad" I screamed and jumped in his arms. I was so relieved I was out! We all hurried home to eat and sleep.  I was very thankful for my family all safe and sound.  We all drove slowly and safely on the icy roads after that terrible account.

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