Callum, Age 13, Vernon, BC

I stand no chance ... in this world today
I'm a deadbeat, a failure, and noth'n more
Just another waste of human being
TV, video, fast food, money, looks ...

Not my family: my parents raised me well;
Stupid actions say I will go to hell.
Once upon a time I was worthy, but
My intelligence fell like a bad dart

One thing I have that makes me try harder:
This individual who ... makes my heart beat
Harder, makes me quiver with her beauty,
Just as her soulful eyes cannot be matched.

Especially for her, I will try harder;
Cal-cul-ate, Co-mmun-i-cate, Re-late, and
She should know ... I ... she ...we interrelate;
To separate us, you'd tear me apart.

Maybe, just maybe, with her by my side
I can see and make myself with pride
Her inner soulful beauty fills me
The world's going to make it; you will see.

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