Kara, Age 11, Plover, WI

On Halloween night there was always a little boy who went trick-or-treating in the dark part of town. He surely wasn’t afraid of Halloween, like the other boys his age. He was only 7, a daring 7 year old to go in the dark part of town.

He had seen many houses with lights on, but when he turned on Fear Drive all the lights suddenly went off. Of course, he wasn’t afraid of all the lights shutting off. He just figured it was some bigger kids playing a joke.

Then way far down the Drive he saw a house with a light on. He noticed that it was right next to the cemetery. He had also noticed that a sign on the front porch said:


He went in and saw a hissing cat, a walking mummy, and a very spooky ghost.  He saw a witch who had a green face, huge nose, and a black bump on her chin. With her scratchy voice she said, “Are you ready to enter the house of doom?”

He said, “Sure.”

So he stepped on a platform and it started moving into a different room. He saw a mummy and the mummy was mumbling, “Are you ready?… Are you prepared?…Prepared to enter the room of death?… If not exit to the right.”

There was rising steam and a vampire came out of the coffin and the vampire fell down. All of a sudden the lights shut off and all the noises behind him stopped.

There was a door that was starting to open in front of him and the door hinges were creaking. He heard a howling werewolf.

He stepped in the room, turned on the lights and he saw two dead bodies. He got so scared he ran out the exit door.

He was running in the cemetery and tripped over a tombstone; it read Mary-Jane Fear. He got so scared he jumped up and started running and crying until he came to a street.

He read the sign and noticed it was the street he lived on. The boy saw his house, ran up and went straight to his room to hide from the ghostly monsters.

His parents said “I guess the haunted house did work. He is afraid of something. We’ll have to remember that for next year.”

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