It's All About Me
Nicola, Age 12, London, UK

Shut up Ruby! I’m trying to do my English homework, so go away.”

I’ll never get this finished at this rate with a five-year-old brat running round like a headless chicken. Oh by the way I’m Nicola, I’m eleven well almost twelve, but according to my parents, going on twenty-four.

Oh my goodness gracious I’ve got to be at dancing in ten minutes and I haven’t even got through the first paragraph.

“Tap shoes on girls”, yelled Katherine my moody dance teacher. Not shuffle hops Nicola, tap springs”.

Phew home at last, just in time for Eastenders.

“Dinners ready girls”, shouted my Mum.

After world three had just taken place over the telly!

“Yum what is it”? I said praying it wasn’t chilli con carne.

“Chilli con carne,” Mum smiled.

“You what, you know I can’t stand it!” I moaned.

“Oh well, you’ll just have to get on with it”. She giggled!

I stormed off to my room, turned on my CD player and blasted busted on top volume. The best band in the world!

There’s nothing to do around here other than twiddle with your thumbs or go swimming. But most the time Emily and I can find something fun to do. I stared at my Beanie Baby shelf, all 45 of them sitting there collecting dust. I wonder why the Beanie Baby Company has never done my birthday; I mean who would not a Beanie Baby with the birthday 3.1.92? But I have got my star sign Beanie the best star sign Capricorn.

My house is not really that amazing; it’s just a basic Edwardian detached house, which three devils (my Mum, Dad and sister) live in and one princess (me of course). I mean you can barely move without my Mother fussing. I don’t know if my school is that good because I haven’t been there that long.

I absolutely love reading especially anything by Jacqueline Wilson. I’ve read all of her books and my favourite is “Dustbin Baby”. I also love music; I think my neighbours have a gathered I’m music maniac! I also adore shopping; I haven’t mastered how to borrow my Dads wallet long term yet! After many attempts!

My best and most favourite memory is when I was bridesmaid at my Mum and Dad’s wedding. I loved it, being all dressed up! My worst phobia is birds; I remember when we were in a restaurant abroad once and I was seated next to a budgie. Every time it moved, I jumped out of my skin! We ended up asking for them to take it away. I got some very strange looks; all my family could do was laugh continuously!

My room is really cool as its painted purple my favourite colour. I’ve totally customised it with my own messy, unmade bed, dirty dishes look. My Mum thoroughly enjoys cleaning it (just kidding). My biggest wish is to get my belly button pierced when I’m older, much to my parents disgust, my sister thinks its utterly sick to have any part of your body pierced. She swears she’ll never have anything pierced. I had my ears pierced when I was three, but my Mum didn’t know I was going to have them pierced, she thought I was going to have my hair cut. She had the shock of her life; I don’t think she’s ever forgiven my Auntie. But my Dad was a different story; he adjusted after about six months!!

“Nicola, Nan’s here, come down here,” screamed my Mum.

Oh no, not my Nan’s knitting lessons.

“Hi Nan,” I groaned.

“Hello Nicola dear, look what I’ve made you a nice winter cardi,” she said in her old voice.

“I’ll try it on upstairs,” I muttered.

Well what a lucky escape!

I slung the cardigan on my bed, and remembered my English homework! I wonder why I’m so disorganised?

Knock, Knock.

“Come in”, I said.

“ Oh it’s only me, but it’s 10.00 pm so can you go to bed please?” Said Mum trying to sound chilled!

“Yeah ok night”.


She left the room feeling pleased with herself! I lay in bed and thought about the future.

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