Sarah's Stars

Kevin Brooks. Lucas
Scholastic  $7.99   ISBN 0-439-53063-6  359 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

"I'm different. He doesn't know what I am. He knows I'm not afraid of him. He knows I'd kill him if I had to. And he knows I'm better looking than him." Dad grinned. "You think so?" Lucas lit his cigarette. "I know so." There wasn't any arrogance in his voice. He wasn't boasting, he was simply stating a fact.

Lucas differs from anyone else Caitlin's ever known. In some ways, he is like an animal, no hate, no ties, just instinct. People are scared of him because he is not normal, because he is not like they are. He is an unexplained mystery.

Lucas is a relatively new book (copyright 2003). It is an outstanding read. I have never read anything like it. I was very impressed by the way Kevin Brooks wove his words to create the story. I was there, beside the characters, urging them on, hoping that their lives would work out, and afterwards I wondered if I had watched a movie, the images were so vivid. I have never met a character like Lucas, who was completely unique, inspiring and touching. This is definitely a five star book.


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