People Power
Will, Age 12, South Bend, IN

Thereís a funeral home next to my school that I go to almost every day, because almost every day thereís a funeral. I like going there, because there is a sadness in the air.

I have a power. Not like the Power Rangers, itís a people power. I can make peopleís pain go away. I could take your pain away. Think of whatís making you sad. Close your eyes if you want. Itís going to be okay. I promise, it wonít stay this way. How do I know?

At Amberís funeral I looked at everyone I used to love and I felt mad. None of them were my sister. But then my Aunt Nancy came up to me. She said it would be okay. I thought about that for a long time. I thought about my sister. I could see her smiling in my head and I knew thatÖit would be.

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