My Trip to Summit Lake
Nick, Age 11, Madras, OR

When we went to Summit Lake, Washington, we brought our wakeboard, our kneeboard, and our tube. When we were there, that was the first time I had ever gotten up on a wakeboard. It was the most fun I had had in a long time.

Our cabin that we stayed in was really small. The people who owned were Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Johnson, but they sold it and now have one at Seaside. We have not been to the one at Seaside yet.

On the last day we were there my brother went out for a morning kayak. When he came back, he pulled it onto shore like we normally did. Then my brother. Then my brother asked my dad about an hour later, where is the kayak I donít know where did you put it? One minute later they were out on the lake looking for the kayak about an hour later three guys waved at them to come over there, and then they asked if they were looking for a kayak. They said yes and then the guys said they saw it float by about an hour ago. So dad and my brother went to the other side of the lake and they saw it by the dock under some bushes. They went up by the dock but there was a big dog up on the dock and it was barking like heck. Dad told my brother to go get it so he did and they finally got back to the cabin. We put it behind the shed and went home. On the way home it was really boring, but I only had to stay in the car for two hours because I got dropped off at my grandma and grandpaís house. Then my parents went home and our trip was over.

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