The Magic School
Beran, Age 9, Nebraska, USA

I was going through a strange town. Car sales had cars that said "This car will be sold for $9,995. And it would be a good choice because it flies." Then something caught my eye.

A shop said in bright red letters: Fine wands since 922 B.C. I thought that having a wand would be great. I ran up to the shop as fast as my legs could carry me. I went in and saw almost 60,000,000 wands. I looked at the pile. I saw a fif-teen inch wand. I picked it up and took it to the counter. "How much is this?" I asked. "$fif-teen." Said an old man with silver hair. I gave him $15. I looked through my money bag. "10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, 50,000." I whispered to myself.

I took my wand and went back to the car sale. I found a red car and paid for it. Then I flew out into the country. The city Ra-Rare sparkled in the distance. I went as fast as the car could go. I flew down as Ra-Rare came closer and closer. Soon I was on the streets. I drove to the spell book store.

Ra-Rare was the biggest city in the state! It was actually as big as a state! I ran into the store and grabbed the ones I needed, paid and left. And then I drove out of the st- I mean city and flew one day and one night. Then I saw a huge castle. On top of the huge castle doors silver paint read brightly in the moon light: BEST MAGIC SCHOOL IN ALL HISTORY. I tried to open one of the doors but it was locked.

I went to the car and rolled out a sleeping bag with my wand. The next morning the sun shone brightly through the glass. I rolled up my sleeping bag. I got out of the car. I went up to the castle. I opened the door. I saw flights of steps going a long way up. May be fifty flights or some thing.

I started up the flights of stairs. When I reached the great hall there was an empty spot just for me it seemed like. I sat down and stated eating my eggs. They were the cheesiest eggs I had ever had in my life. After breakfast I went down to the counter. "What room do I stay in?" I asked. "Fiftieth floor the tenth room." Said a man. "What's your name?" I asked. "David. What's yours?" He said. "Bear." I said. Then I ran up the flights of stairs.

My hotel room was very fancy. There was a small fridge and freezer. A small coffee pot, a safe and two beds. I crawled into bed and it was so cozy I fell asleep right away. The next morning I went down to the great hall and had the same breakfast. Two weeks later I was going into class as tired as you are on Sunday afternoons. I pulled out my spell book. "Page 14." Said Professor Lon-Tay. I opened my spell book to page 14. "Bear, will you please read page 14?" He asked.

Ventares Lator: Greatest attack in all history. This attack is a known skilled wizard killer. It was made a true attack in 1360. It was heard of world wide quickly. It was supposed to be a secret. No one knows why it spread. Most people could not work this strong attack. Still today most people cannot work it. Nine out of ten could not work it.

I had almost closed the book when Professor Lon-Tay said, "Keep reading."

"Now everyone try it." I said. Everyone pulled out there wand except me. (I already had my wand out.) "Ventares Lator!" Everyone said pointing at the practice board. There wasn't a flash of light anywhere. VENTARES LATOR!!!!" I roared. Gold and silver light shot out of my wand and blew a hole in the middle of the practice board. "VENTARES LATOR!!!!" Everyone roared. Nothing happened. Everyone started chasing me. I turned around with my wand pointed at them. "INSPIRUS!!!!" I yelled. They rose into the air. "Let us down!" Bob said angrily, pointing his wand at me. "EXPERUS!!!!" He yelled.

A red light missed me by inches. A rope tied itself to the grass. "You deserve it." I said angrily. "You were lucky I didn't use the worst spell on you!" I said. "INSPIRULA!!!!" I roared. They came down as slow as an ant can run. When they got down they whispered. "Thank you." I couldn't believe they got all stirred up about being on the ground.

I looked in the hole I'd made. There was a spooky dungeon with eyes looking up at me. I whipped out my wand and pointed it at the hundreds of eyes. "VENTARES LATOR!!!!" I yelled. Gold and silver light shot out of my wand and all the eyes vanished. Then I got out of the hole. "WALL PISTON!!!!" I yelled. Wall covered the hole I had made. Then we took out our Text books. "Page 629." Professor Narp said. I noticed this wasn't our teacher. "What are you doin' here!?" I said, pointing my wand at him.

"Lon-Tay wanted to go ho" Professor Narp began. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE WANTED TO GO HOME!!??" I roared at Narp. "EXPERUS!!!!" I yelled. Professor Narp got tangled in hundreds of ropes. "Start writing your essay about hot air balloons." Squished Narp from under his ropes.

We took out our quills and our ink bottles. There was a scratching noise all over the room. The day went by fast. The next morning it was a Saturday so I didn't have to get up so early. But I got up anyway. I packed my bag and went down to the great hall to see some eggs. But today it was bacon, French toast and hash browns. It was the best I had ever tasted. Then I remembered, on Saturdays we had something different. After breakfast, I took my wand and went out to the car. I had a Quidditch game to play.

I flew as fast as I could to the Quidditch field. * * * "On your mark, get set, GO!!" Boomed Professor Trelawn. I took off as fast as my car could go. Bob tried to crash into me a few times. Melinda tried to jinx me. But it never worked. Finally, the finish line came into sight after being smashed by who knows who about a million times. I won a big trophy. Everyone cheered. I flew home and Mom and Dave hugged me big.


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