Sarah's Stars

Michael Molloy. The Witch Trade
Chicken House  $22.99   ISBN 0-439-29659-5  249 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

"....daylight flooded into the room.  The Night Witches cringed back in horror.  "Ahgggh!  Fresh air, fresh air," they shrieked.

There are three types of witches.  The Night Witches, the Sea Witches and the Light Witches.  Light Witches and Sea Witches are good, but Night Witches are worse than any nightmare you've ever had.  That's why the "good" witches have been battling the Night Witches forever, but now the Light Witches and the Sea Witches are losing ground.  They need help, whether they know it or not, and perhaps Abby and Spike can help, although it may seem unlikely.

The Witch Trade was an excellent book, and I couldn't put it down!  The intrigue and adventure were wonderful and I loved the way some well-known mysteries were answered.  I cannot wait to get my hands on the second and third books of the series!  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and adventure - it includes a tonne of both.  This book is worthy of five stars.


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