My Trip to Washington
Eric, Age 11, Madras, OR

I went to Longview, Washington for the 4th of July. There was a party. It took use like half an hour to find a parking spot. We saw the ESPN lumberjacks. Some of the events were logrolling, pole climbing, and a lumberjack play. There was a big park that was 3 blocks big.  One block was all games, one was the lumberjack and one block was all the things they were selling like food and stuff.  One of the games was golfing.  You had to get the ball out in the middle of the river where there was a block of grass with a little hole.  The prize for whoever made it in the hole was $500 and a golf club set.

There was a man on the top of the pole, and a lady came out and told him to get down. It was his wife and she told him he better come down from there. then the lady took out a shotgun and shot him. He fell and had a rope on his back when he fell.

After we saw this play we went to walk around and look for a spot to watch the fireworks. We found a place, after that we went to eat and I bought a hamburger. My little brother got a hot dog. After we ate, we went to see all of the things they were selling and I bought an eight ball hat. My brother got a checkerboard hat. I bought a lighter  that shocks you.

Then it turned late and we saw the fireworks. They were at the river.  Some of the sparks were landing in the grass near us.  One almost landed on a baby stroller.

The next day we went to the Portland zoo (but thatís another story). Then we went home.

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