Carla, Age 11, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Why do wars have to exist?
All they do is cause pain and suffering,
All people of war think about is victory.
Destroying the other side's lives, their way of living,
They only want them to to suffer for their own welfare,
To look strong.
What have these innocent people done wrong?

Wars break out all over the world and over the smallest things.
Why can't people discuss things peacefully and rationally?
They don't think,
All they want is their own way,
They could at least fight a war between themselves and not bring
innocent people into it.
Maybe someday that will happen.
But all we can do is keep waiting.
Will there ever be peace in the world,
With no conflict, pain or sorrow.
Lets just wait and see, but all I can ask is

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