Animal Friends
Hunter, Age 10, Madras, OR

I have a lot of pets. I have a frog named Swimmer, a lizard named Buck, two cats named Flash and Jawbreaker, and two dogs named Duke and Dixie.

My pet Swimmer usually just lies on the bottom of the floor. But the reason I named my frog Swimmer is because he swims like people.

Swimmer usually doesn’t eat his food; he eats his food once a week. He once tried to get out of his tank but we caught him. We’ve had him for a week and two days so far.

Buck is our lizard. She is now five years old. She runs really fast, and once she ran away. She was under the couch for three months, but we found her and she was still alive.

Buck changes colors by shedding her skin. The only colors she had been so far are: Tan, yellow, blue, green, and light red.

She usually eats crickets, centipedes, and small lizards. I think she’s blind   sometimes because she usually runs into stuff.

Flash is our ordinary cat that is very lazy. He’s seven years old. He was our very first cat. I was three when I first saw him. He’s very cool and fun.

His fur is lighter than snow. We think that something was digging underground every Christmas, but it was just Flash.   He always gets into fights with other cats, because he steals other cat’s food. He always is meowing in the mornings for more food.

Sometimes if he gets too hungry he eats the leftover dog food and he doesn’t like dog food.

Jawbreaker is almost two years old. My Aunt Katie gave him to us. We called him Jawbreaker because he broke his jaw when Lexi got a hold of it.

Lexi is my Aunt Katie’s dog. Jawbreaker has a nice home with me and I’m his owner. Jawbreaker usually runs in fields to catch mice.

He sleeps outside and catches mice at night. He only eats cat food when when he can’t catch mice. He tries catching birds but they’re too fast.

Duke is three years old. He was two months old when we first got him. He’s now a giant protector dog. He’s as tall as my mom when he stands up.

He can dance with us but every time he just licks us. Sometimes Duke gets really spoiled. He’s a dog that gets along just fine with cats.

My sister and I always play hide and go seek with Duke, we even play tag! When Duke turned one he acted really fancy. Like, he once showed off to a girl dog.

One year later when Duke turned one, we got a girl dog named Dixie. We got her for our mom on her birthday.

Until we got her, she was a wild crazy maniac!  She digs a lot; she digs in the flowers, the cow field and in the grass.  But sometimes she’s calm.  She sleeps on our bed, she is quiet when we’re sleeping and she’s really sweet.  Sometimes she gets carsick, but she still goes on car rides.

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