Bird and Squirrel
Bailey, Age 9, Corning, IA

Once upon a day there was a bird named Queeny and a squirrel named Jean. They did NOT like each other.

One day Queeny made a very rotten plan to use on Jean. The next day Queeny went over to Jean's house. Jean was out looking for nuts. Queeny hung a sign that said "For Sale" on Jean's house. She waited a few minutes. All of the sudden a squirrel family came by looking for a house. They bought the house. Queeny took the money and added it to her nest.

When Jean came home she saw the little squirrels jumping on her clean bed spread, and she knew what Queeny had done. The next day when Queeny went out looking for worms Jean went over to Queeny's home and put a "For Sale" sign on it. She waited and waited and waited. All of the sudden Jean saw Queeny flying back. Jean got worried.

When Queeny got back guess what they did! They had a fight! They chitted and tweeted at each other. Then a family of birds came up and said "We would like to buy the house".

Jean said, "Thank you." And they began to chitter and tweet at each other. They suddenly stopped and thought about what they had just done.

Then Queeny said "Why don't we be best friends and go make new homes side by side?" And they promised that they would not play anymore tricks on each other.

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