The Breaking Spirit
Sunnie, Age 14, Cape Coral, FL

Bring to life this image: a strong, once vibrant rose,
now wilting and distilled;
tainted with the curse of life and aging.
Nothing more than a failing heart.

Time has not been kind to this rose;
its petals are dark, nearly black,
and the stem that once held it sturdily is failing.
Nothing more than a tender soul.

The petals have fallen from this structure,
sinking slowly to the ground below and landing in silence;
tender flits ending blessed beauty.
Nothing more than a death appealing.

The scent that once befell the rose passed a long time ago,
now replaced with the stink of rot and decay,
having undergone a hideous transformation from flower to death omen.
Nothing more than a black rose.

The black rose: unseen and untouched by many,
but known to some,
the few that are the black roses of their own generation.
Nothing more than a broken spirit.

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