Sarah's Stars

Dennis Foon. The Dirt Eaters
Annick  $12.95   ISBN 1-55037-806-6  313 pg.
Reviewed by Hayley

At the age of fifteen Roan's village was destroyed in an incursion, along with his parents. He was taken under the wing of a group called the Brothers. He tried to find out more about the Brothers' beliefs, and when he discovered the truth, Roan fled into the dreadful Devastation. There he finds Lumpy, who becomes a faithful friend. As he travels onward he sees visions, that guide his way. His visions eventually guide him to Alandra. Together they plan and attempt a terrifying journey to freedom.

The book, The Dirt Eaters, is the first of The Longlight Legacy written by Vancouver author, Dennis Foon. He has also written Skud and Double or Nothing, and is currently working on Freewalker,the sequel to The Dirt Eaters. The Dirt Eaters is a soft-cover fantasy novel with 313 pages. It is suitable for intermediates with good comprehension and reading capabilities.

I really enjoyed The Dirt Eaters and can't wait to read the next one. The book looks fairly thick and daunting. My first thought was "Oh no, that's going to take forever to read." When done, I wished it had gone on forever. Despite its length, I was disappointed when I'd finished it (not because the ending was bad!), but because I wanted to read more about the Longlight Legacy. A definite 5 star book.


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