The Seattle Mariners
Sierra, Age 10, Madras, OR

The Seattle Mariners are a baseball team in Seattle, Washington, in the northwestern part of the United States. This year the team has made their way to the top but started to slump down a little. The Mariners are a really good team but they arenít really showing it. The team has good players.

When I went to a Mariners game they were the home team and they played against The Cleveland Indians. At first the Mariners were winning but then the Indians took the lead and won the game. It wasnít too much of the happy ending that I wanted but itís okay. Iíll just go see another game when Iím older.

When I went to Seattle it was a long trip. It was so long and I just couldnít fall asleep. I really wanted to, but I didnít and it was about five hours.

When we got there I was relieved. I wanted to go explore the town. We saw the Space Needle, big buildings, cafes, and a lot of other things. Then we drove back to the hotel and ordered dinner.

After dinner we walked to the Space Needle (it was really close to our hotel). We went up to the top on the elevator. When we got up there we saw that it was a really nice place. There was a Starbucks and a diner. It was cool. We came back down the elevator and went outside and took pictures of everybody with the Space Needle. My Uncle took the pictures of everybody. I got all of the doubles.

The next day was game day , it was the day that I was going to see a Mariners game! I woke up around 8 oíclock and got dressed in pants, a long sleeved shirt, and a sweatshirt it was pretty cold outside. After we all got ready we checked out of the hotel because it was our last day there and went into town. We rode the Max Train to the other station and got off. We then went to McDonalds to get some breakfast. After that we walked around town hoping to see some sites. When we noticed it was 11:30 we stated heading to Safeco Field where the Mariners play. We saw all kinds of things, like gift shops, and the Seahawks stadium, and then there it was Safeco Field where the Mariners play. First we got checked and then we went into the stadium it was huge! We looked around for our seats we finally found them they were horrible so we got up to get pizza to feel better. When we got back we sat down and ate all of our pizza.

When I had a good view of the game some Oriental people came up and blocked it, So I had to watch the game on a little T.V. above me. I didnít really like it.

Well the game was going good until the Indians got ahead of the Mariners. So the Mariners lost and I didnít have a good view. It wasnít a great time but it was a good time, I definitely want to go again.

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