Kayla, Age 10, Madras, OR

Sis is a twenty-nine year old horse. Sis is lucky she is alive right now because of what she’s gone through in her life. Sis needs a lot more care than your average aged horse. Sis has two flakes of grass hay in the morning, two to three flakes  of alfalfa hay in the evening, and grain plus supplements.

Now I’ll tell you about her luckiness of being alive. Sis, when she was a yearling, got beaten. She also ran into a barbed wire fence and almost cut her ear off! Sis also got all tangled up in the wire! Sis, after the next people bought her, couldn’t even be haltered. Sis is a whole lot better now.

I keep Sis healthy by brushing her every day and picking her feet. I brush her every day so she doesn’t get bot fly eggs. There is a new comb that looks like a knife with metal bristles. I pick her feet every day so she doesn’t go lame on me. I keep her in shape also so she doesn’t get sick on me.

I went to 4-H camp this year. On the first day of 4-H horse camp Sis got kicked. I iced it every hour in the hope that the swelling would go down. It was probably as big and large as a softball. You could tell in her eyes that she was in a lump of pain. Her best friend George was the horse that kicked her. Now all that remains is a “Suckin” as they call it that is in her chest, near her chest cavity. One more thing is that when she got kicked she couldn’t breathe very well.

Sis has lots of human friends. Sis has one more friend named Ponch, who was my dear old pony.

It is very difficult having an old horse, because you never know when they’ll get struck sick. Sis is very old, as you know. Sis is one of the hardest horses to take care of, because you have to keep her in shape.

Sis is in wonderful shape right now. I try really, really hard to take care of Sis the correct way, because it’s hard to care for elderly horses.

My friend has a horse named Pepe. He is nineteen years old, but he acts as though he’s thirty years old. Sis is twenty-nine and she acts like a ten year old.

On gaming day at the fair Sis acted as though she were eight years old. I got Reserve Champion barrels. My time was a seventeen point one. You’ve got to admit that’s pretty fast for an old horse. The girl that beat me got a seventeen flat. Her name is Kaylee Paterson. Her horse, George, is nine years old. He also is a barrel racing horse. You can’t blame him for getting champion barrel racing.

Sis is a really great horse. Sis takes care of me all the time. Sis has taken care of me when I fell off and hurt myself really badly.

Sis is a really fun horse to ride around. You need to know how to ride really well before you try to game on Sis. When I first got her the Cowdeo was the next week. When I went in the Cowdeo she was a-dancing and a-prancing, because she wanted to barrel race. Sis has a whole lot of fun at the Cowdeo.

In conclusion, I want the reader to know how hard, but fun it is to care for an old horse.

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