Sarah's Stars

Joan Bauer. Thwonk
Puffin  $8.99   ISBN 0-698-11914-2  215 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

What would you do if you found a cupid? One that was willing to grant you a wish that would make your dreams come true artistically, academically or romantically. Allison Jean McCreary (also known as A.J.) finds one! He's a small, doll-like, winged archer named Johnathan who only she can see, who drives her nuts and who makes people think A.J. talks to herself in public. A.J. knows what she wants, but Johnathan doesn't agree. A.J. won't listen; she's sure that her wish will be perfect, and ignores Johnathan's cautioning. Sometimes it is best to look before you leap.

Thwonk was entirely different from any other book that I've read. It was very entertaining, and the style of writing brought everything to life. The characters were comical and witty, making me want to laugh out loud at times. A.J., a wonderful eighteen-year-old, is focused on nothing but the present, and on her social life. I would highly recommend Thwonk to anyone in Grades 6 and up looking for an enjoyable read. Five stars is my rating on this book, as I really liked it.


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