The Troubles of a 12-year-old
Katherine, Age 12, British Columbia, Canada

Finally, the moment I'd been waiting for, my best friend Crystal's 13th birthday. Crystal and I had been friends since grade 2. We formed a club and called it "The Girls Group". Sarah and Chantelle joined a few years later but it was Crystal and I who made all the decisions. Crystal was the queen of fashion. She could tell you what was in and what was not in only a matter of seconds. We used to go shopping just to look at all the horrible fashions in season.

It was Friday, the last day of school before Crystal's party. Everyone was so excited because Crystal held the best parties for miles around. Her father would do anything for his little girl and he even hired a professional photographer to cover the party.

Crystal and I were at her house, planning the party when she told. "oh, by the way, Daddy and Mom are going away for the party, so we get the whole house to ourselves. Isn't it great?"

I stared at her. I guess I must have looked pretty shocked because Crystal asked me what was wrong. I didn't know how to answer. My mother would never let me go to a party with no parent at home!

" Crystal," I said quietly " I don't really think that's a good idea, I mean, we're only 13 it's not like we can drive or anything. What would we do?"

Then Crystal answered back with an icy stare " Come to the party or you're out of the club and you'll be out of my house forever." I just stared at her. She was supposed to be my best friend? How could she do something like this to me. Then I understood, she was trying to get rid of me. Like my mother said, 13 is when all the big changes happen. Crystal thought I wasn't cool enough for her anymore. Well, I would not let her ruin my life by going against my parents. But then again, I didn't want to be out of the club.

" Crystal, I have to go. I'll phone you tomorrow." Crystal kind of half nodded and went back to the magazine she was reading.

Later that day I had already been rejected twice by my parents, I couldn't go to the party. But, it was okay because even though I lost a not so great friend I learned a lot and met a lot of new friends that year and I know that I'll always remember Crystal for the good times we had.

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