Kirsten, Age 10, Tara, ON

On a normal day in 1583, Blake was walking through his small village and realized how no one in his village ever did anything other than work to collect money, collect money to eat and eat to work.  His life was so boring.  Why don’t I do something interesting with my life? he wondered, but then quickly noticed that he couldn’t.  He was trapped in this tiny village and had no idea how to make it more interesting and alive.

The only thing that he had that made him actually want to stay was his dog, Sam. Sam was a two year old Cattle Dog who loved Blake very much.  He was also very smart.  This helped when Blake got into fights because Sam would usually think of some clever plan to help him.  Blake used to have many dogs, but he had to sell them because he didn’t have enough money to feed them all.  He was going to buy them back when he got  more money,  but he couldn’t find the person that had them because they kept getting sold.  Blake did not have any friends because he didn’t talk very much.  Sam didn’t have any animal friends other than the pigs and chickens, because no one in the village owned dogs.

One day, while Blake was walking to the store, he heard loud screaming coming from just outside the village walls.  Everyone was starting to run over and look at it.  Blake ran over as well.  To his surprise, there were many warriors and archers standing there!  After everyone was quiet, the leader of the warriors and archers said “You have two choices; you can either give us all of your weaponry and armour, or fight us!  You have the rest of today to make a decision.”

Later that day, the leader of Blake’s tribe came out and said that they had made the decision to give up their weaponry and armour.  A little while later the other tribe came back and started to take everything.  After most of the weapons were loaded onto the wagons, a man came up to Blake and asked for his dog.  Blake wouldn’t let him.  The leader of the tribe said that Blake either had to give up his dog or become a part of the other tribes army.  But Blake would never give up Sam.  So he became a part of the other tribe’s army.  Blake got his wish.  His life was going to be very interesting and exciting…

After about half-an-hour Blake arrived at the place where he had to sleep. They had bunk-beds and Blake was on the top of one of them.  Underneath him slept an ugly guy who was very fat and had a lot of tattoos.  In the morning they ate breakfast, got ready and began their training. Blake got a sword, a bow-and-arrow and a small knife.  He didn’t get along with the other men.  They often made fun of him, but he didn't care.  He just ignored them.

One week later, Blake found a way to escape.  He packed his bags with food and other things and escaped.  After walking about a mile, he came to a town. He stayed in a hotel for the night and, in the morning, had breakfast.  As he was walking out of the city, a monster approached the city.  It started attacking everything.  Cleverly, Blake snuck up to its throat and slit it.  The monster fell to the ground and Blake was generously rewarded.  He was the happiest man in the world— and what could possibly make it better other than finding his dogs and buying them back?!  And that's just what he did.

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