The Dog
Abby, Age 10, Brookfield, WI

It's his birthday,
the look on the toddler's face is joyous, and happy,
the candles are blown out,
and the wish is complete.
When he wakes up,
as the promise is made,
there sits a little puppy,
It almost looks like he's smiling.
The boy and the dog frolic and play for a long time,
but as the years pass,
things seem more important than playing.
More and more time is spend with friends,
The puppy is left out,
forgotten in the prism of time.
He tries to smile,
but his heart is too broken to even sleep.
The boy and the dog grow up together,
but become less and less aware
of the time time time
that is passing in a blur.

Soon the boy is grown,
and as time doesn't seem to occur anymore,
the dog bark bark barks,
as he is driven to the end of his life.
But just as the last light,
at the bottom of his heart is fading,
a kind face appears.
an older face,
not like his own,
but similar.
And after the years pass,
the dog and the man are at their ends,
the dog is happy.
And it almost looks like he's smiling.

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