Jon, Age 17, Orland Park, IL

There they are sitting there as if they had been there for an eternity. Coming and going, but always there. I come down and sit patiently awaiting my turn, planning my next move. Like an avalanche they began to rip down the mountain nailing this huge snow made kicker. They flew off, grabbing, spinning, and tweaking in all which ways. The park is open now.  It's the kicker and me. I start down, balance my speed and launch. Spinning: 180, 360, 540 and landing hard, but shocked for I pulled an amazing trick, which is great for a rookie of my stature. This  was more than I could have asked for. I sat for a moment to find my breath. My adrenalin was off the chart. I got up and began descending to the basin. I looked up  once last time to let sink in what happened up there to day. Then I called it quits and went to put some ice on my ankle.

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